Deer Creek is located in Canton, Michigan, near the NW corner of Lotz and Palmer roads.  We have several common area parks along with 6 retention ponds and even an area of protected wetlands.  We consist of 64 single family homes and are registered with Wayne County as Site Condominiums. 


As site condos, we are governed by a homeowner’s association (HOA) guided by a set of by-laws. Each home pays annual dues in an amount set forth by the current HOA Board for the operation, maintenance, and management of our subdivision.  


Street Parking


This is a reminder that our streets are private property. They are only for homeowner and guest usage. Also, one side of all streets is a designated no parking zone.


Please be mindful.

Do Not Feed the Wildlife 

Please avoid feeding our wildlife friends.


We need to work together to prevent muskrats this year. It's much better to prevent than try to eradicate.


Note that Canadian Geese are also an invasive species that harms local wildlife and pond health. 

Reminder: Garbage, Recycling, etc

Please note that garbage cans, recycling bins, ladders, etc are not to be stored in the front of our properties. This is against Canton ordinances and may result in fines.