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Deer Creek is located in Canton, Michigan, near the NW corner of Lotz and Palmer roads.  We have several common area parks along with 6 retention ponds and even an area of protected wetlands.  We consist of 64 single family homes and are registered with Wayne County as Site Condominiums. 


As site condos, we are governed by a homeowner’s association (HOA) guided by a set of by-laws. Each home pays annual dues in an amount set forth by the current HOA Board for the operation, maintenance, and management of our subdivision.  


Annual Meeting 2022 


Thank you to all who attended! We'll be posting the minutes to our homeowners only section. Please sign up in order to have access. 


The board has opted to extend the HOA Dues deadlines so that all residents take advantage of the early payment discount.  The new deadlines are: February 22, 2023 for the early payment discount,  March 07, 2023 for the standard dues payment.  Late fee will apply after March 07, 2023.  

Reminder: Garbage, Recycling, etc

Please note that garbage cans, recycling bins, ladders, etc are not to be stored in the front of our properties. This is against Canton ordinances and may result in fines.

Refuse/recycling collection is not collected on the following holidays: NEW YEARS DAY, MEMORIAL DAY, INDEPENDENCE DAY, LABOR DAY, THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS DAY If your collection day falls on holiday (i.e. Monday-Thursday) usually all collections will be delayed one day that week.If holiday falls on Friday-Sunday, there will be no change in the collection schedule. Questions or unsure call Public Works at 397-1011 or call GFL at 844-464-3587.

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